2012 Federal Budget raises duty-free limit for cross-border travellers!

The Government of Canada is to raise the limits for Canadian duty free allowances, bringing them in line with those of the US. The news came in the latest Federal Budget announced by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on Thursday.

Under the government announced changes, the new Canadian duty free customs allowances – effective June 1st, 2012 for travellers will be C$200 for trips after 24 hours (four times the current limit of C$50) and C$800 after 48 hours (double the existing limit).

The previous two-tiered allowance system is said to have created confusion among the travelling public, and was cited as a factor in building traffic congestion at Canadian borders.

The Minister said: "We will harmonize our duty and tax exemptions for 24- and
48-hour trips to match levels for US citizens. This measure will ease congestion at our borders."

Duty Free June 2012